Amateur jogging

Jogging in Central Park, New York City, USA. Gruban / Patrick Gruban. Wikimedia.

There’s something (somebody?) missing in this ideal picture of a warm sunny morning, the crucial part – me.

BUT – as morning/evening jogging is not going to be just a perfect image for me to couch-potato over – with this picture visualized in my mind, I’ve twice gone jogging by now) Which is a STEP. As there has already been this fearful second time.

I enjoyed my morning jog. Luckily, I have a wonderful green neighbourhood – it is possible in Moscow, yes! Larger than Central Park. No shadow-casting skyscrapers. Mummies, dogs and their owners, fishermen, old couples -that was sweet!

Refreshing, exciting and positive – that was a Good Morning!


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One thought on “Amateur jogging

  1. Ken Samac says:

    So happy to hear this morning was good for you Anna 🙂

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