The 11 from ’11 I never came up with

I love reading your blogs. Seriously, I do, even though I rarely get to comment on your posts, I devour them with mixed feelings of “Wow, that’s a story, how intelligently put!” and “Why wouldn’t I write some story of my own? This idea I had just after the class/in the metro/falling asleep” and then sadly “Now what was the story anyway?..” Few traces left in the form of separate phrases floating in the mind, gloating at me unable to put them together. (C)rude!

Now that there’s this challenge from Adam Simpson @ayearinthelifeof  and its counter-challenge posts by Tyson Seburn @seburnt and Tamas Lorincz @tamaslorincz- what a chance to play it back on them (thoughts).

Here they are, my 11 blog ideas from 2011 that never turned into real writings.

1. Teaching Village guest post

 Since I am (amazingly) an iTDi (everybody must know it by now already!) Associate, I was going to write a blog post for Barbara Sakamoto’s great Teaching Village. It was meant to be a post about something I know – education in Russia. I’ve been in primary school, I’ve been through secondary school, I’ve found myself in higher education system and in-company teaching. My views could be contraversial, very subjective and rather unfavourable for some of these institution types. So I bite  my tongue until then;)

2. Vicky Loras’ “What’s Your Story?” challenge

I feel very bad about this particular one. Exceptionally bad. The promises not kept drive me personally mad! And so far as I promised this post to myself a hundred times, and – most importantly – to Vicky..!

Maybe it’s a painful story to tell, if I started from the 1st turning point. Then on second thought, I would tell the story of 2011’s crucial first 4 months.

I will. I WILL.

3. TESOLFr recap

  Well there’s a whole BOOK to write! It was mind-twisting. Back-breaking (the airport poster hunt). Let’s speak cliches – a true Lifetime Experience. I luckily have the notes for each workshop I attended, which makes it rather more probable to happen still)

Besides, I wanted to share my impressions upon actually implementing many of the ideas from these sessions with my students. Musing on these ideas caused me stay up at night and write down an idea for the early next morning lesson.

Transformed teaching. Transormed learning. Definitely out of my comfort zone – and now I”m back to it – wishing to be out of it again and again. “Positive stress” as Shelly put it in her today’s short sk12 webinar.

And THESE people!!!! They/you!/ are worth a thousand blog posts!!

So, I guess this TESOLFr recap could be a set of posts. Will be?)

4. Me and Web2.0. Introduction

 Well this was intended to become a sum-up on the ways I’ve used web2.0 since April. Edmodo, Wordle, PBworks, Voxopop, Prezi, Muzi, Posterous lately. Feeling my way, not always 1 step at a time (I’m greedy, yes) I’m trying to see what’s working best with whom. And of course, which of these resonate with me and my style of teaching.

5. Moscow-Grenoble

 I think I’m mighty lucky to have met Elizabeth! This is a chance out of a hundred!

if I start telling the whole story “of us” now – i would not be able to stop myself and that’ll be a post then;) But I”m in ”11 from 11 not happened”, so – only hints.

 Elizabeth finds me on the website I created for my chair. There’s a flash of idea.


I go to Paris. The idea caught and harnessed.

We get back homes –   voilà, a shared wiki for ESL students of Physics;)


International Teacher Development Institute – from my perspective. No secret info disclosed;)

Just my contemplations on the project (which is MORE than a project, actually!!!) which has played its part in turning my life inside out and upside down! Opening doors!

Hope our relationship will continue;)

7. Unplugging me

OK, I was lagging behind, but now I’m trying to keep up. I have the book, hurray!))

Honestly, the mere idea of dogme is almost seductive to me! It is appealing, it is challenging, it is tantalizing. It is just the way I want to go!

Surprise surprise! I’ve been using dogme activities at my classes before. As many have, I’m sure)

But since I started to pay conscious attention to what I’m doing – I wanted to share two episodes of my teaching practice.

One of them – an in-company business class and how we reacted on a change around us.

The second – a whole dogme-style + CLIL lesson with a teenager, which I’d gone to with a plan. The lesson started with his words “I have a problem…”

8. My TESOLFr poster

My first ever experience of an international ELT conference was going to be non-participant. BUT I got this letter from (!) Bethany Cagnol asking me if I”d like to present a poster.

I am very shy, you have to know! I’m not very confident. I was..scared? yes!

But I couldn’t let this chance slip by)

What I went through after that decision is a nice, a bit idiotic story of one totally daft Russian in Paris. With an again LUCKY ending! That’s the word of the season for me;)

9. My Holden story

Well this came as unexpected as it could! I was searching for some kind of a very old document I used while at university, and I found a file named “holden story mine”.

It turned out to be a lot of fun)) and pleasant memories of university years! Where I enjoyed my reading classes immensely (among some other creative ones). “The catcher in the rye” for long remained in my top list of great books, read not once. I won my third phonetic contest with it.

And I wrote this laughable piece of (non?)fiction on it as well. Very enjoyable and I wanted to share)

10. Ways to go with texts

I’m an enthusiast and I’m doing my very best to shake up the stagnant reality of where I happen to be happy teaching (paradox!). The idea is – doing ESP for would-be physicists in the official concept of my chair and its published programme implies READING and TRANSLATING texts.

Oh, very funny. Facepalm for me and my students. We don’t agree to do that) – so much.

So I’ve come up with some alternative versions of dealing with texts, so far as we still have to use them in such an abundance. Mindmapping, grouping, organizing ideas, debates and my favourite kind of debate) Different ways to get along with a text.

11. ELTworkplaces

Finally, we’re here. Posterous as another attempt to water my blog-flower-power and let it grow (thanks Brad!=). Initially the idea came from Shelly. Then a shot – a tweet – a comment – a project)

And an upcoming presentation (out of comfort zone again, by free will)) at TeachMeet Int’l December 17th.

way too fast)


That’s about it. Now I know the secret – patience and persistence.

I”ve been at this post without a break for 2 hours (omg). Not wasted)


Let’s hope for more!

Thanks to all of the people I’ve mentioned in the post and not mentioned but have in mind (some secret characters in my play I wouldn’t reveal=))












One thought on “The 11 from ’11 I never came up with

  1. annloseva says:

    Hi Elizabeth:)) I am happy this post cheered you up in the tough time of preparation! I have also been writing the tests today. Still I like it more than later checking them!!

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