Dream your Dream…and bookmark it, too!

Recent couple of weeks have been very insightful for me from the point of looking at the future. It used to be very vague for me, random ideas not supported by any plans, speculations with myself on how I can achieve lots and so on=) As the year has turned my path into a more or less visible and clear way to go ahead, I now can use this to contemplate my life on a more practical basis.

 And because I’ve been so lucky this year – I’ve been prompted with many forms to shape the content. Chuck Sandy created a Facebook page called “In Five Years” which is open and gives everyone a chance to share thoughts and expectations – and eventually, grow together. You are most welcome to join the group and post your personal five year SMART goals, New Year resolutions, or just lurk and see what is going on =)

I hope you’ve skipped the long reflective introduction noting the link and Five Years idea,  and are now here, where the real story begins)

This blog post yet gets us back to the exhilirating DECEMBER 17th, the day of days on our Continuous/Bumpy (c) ELT PD path.

During the 1st TeachMeet Int’l Vladimira Mikhalkova @vladkaslniecko gave an insiring – and as fantastically designed as ever – presentation called “Bookmark your dream”. The idea is simple – let your students create a personal bookmark. Give it the sense and meaning. Let it be a GOAL to be reached and an ACTiON PLAN to be followed. The idea appealed to me the very first moment I saw the title, actually=) I knew it had to be something surpr@ising (http://www.surpraise.com), and it proved to be just that!

In a nutshell, I’ve had only one opportunity so far to bring this idea to life (the term at the university being over, finals and other boring and bothersome routine things to do). But I’ve had a 1-2-1 lesson with a teenager, 16, with a lot of creative potential as I”ve always seen him.

Time for a pic – that’s what he came up with.


 A decent piece of handicraft I’d say) Another thing is, I was amazed when the boy told me that the way he had depicted the word GOAL is symbolic. I’ll reveal the truth now and i hope you can see the image clear enough to get the proof.

G’s image stands for giving FORCE/POWER and DIRECTION to him to fulfill the plan.

O’s image stands for FOOTBALL where you have to score a goal to win=)

A’s image stands for the all-seeing EYE watching the boy (Dr Eckleburg!!! – and he hasn’t read Fitzgerald)

L’s image stands for the MOUNTAIN of a goal he has to climb (you can actually see a little figure of an alpinist there).

Should I say, I was impressed! I”ve always believed in the power of creativity, and thanks to Vladimira for giving this great idea to explore its depths!


Frankly speaking, I love being part of my lessons and doing tasks with them. That was what I did. Anton helped me come up with a couple of points for my Action Plan!!! The essense of teacher-student collaboration in action!

Here’s my humble bookmark I’m carrying now inside Mantissa:


Thank you for reading my second blog post! This holiday time seems to be a great time to reflect, so I hope you check the FB “In Five Years” page (where quite some of the PLN have already posted, including Chuck and Vladka and Tyson and Ceci and me), Vladimira’s Surpr@ise Page and her presentation “Bookmark your dream” (ask for a link!).

Would be happy to read your comments and see your bookmarks!=))



2 thoughts on “Dream your Dream…and bookmark it, too!

  1. annloseva says:

    <HTML><BODY><p>Thank you Michelle!<br>I’m happy you liked the idea, try it out and share the experience! Very interesting.<br>Thanks for dropping by!<br><br>Ann<br><br></p></BODY></HTML>

  2. Marijana, Croatia says:

    Hi Anna! Great idea! I think I remember that Teachmeet! I will join FB group as well. Thanks for heads up. Chuck is always creative with his work and enthusiasm. Love your students action pkan and yours as well. Now, you got me thinking. I will use the idea in the next school year. And now, off to a deserved summer holidays. Wish you all the best as well! See you on FB!

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