British, American and the follow-up.

I was PLN-sourcing to find answers (or rather to gather authentic response) on the essence of Americanness and Britishness a couple of posts before, and not only did I recieve comprehensive commentaries from you lovely friends here on the blog, but also incredible resources on the topics related keep coming my way through your tweets, FB posts, and other ways. I”ve been favouriting them and marking and bookmarking but it’s clear I should publish these in a separate space open 24/7 and for everybody to use – I believe some of these may come in handy and spark lots of ideas and conversation.



Vicki Hollett’s blog “Learning to speak ‘merican” is in itself an inexhaustible source of views on Americanness (there is not such a word, right?…hm)


Measuring the U.S. Melting Pot is an interactive US map showing distribution of nationalities across the country county by county. Astounding to learn that Germans seems to occupy like most of the US=)


Two infographics illustrating American Dream: Catching Up with the American Dream and Not Your Parents’ American Dream (the changing face of it). Expect me soon to come up with some activities on these. 


America For Beginners is the blog I”ve recently found a link to in my mailbox. Its main idea is to bring American culture closer to new immigrants, and what’s intriguing – the blogger is a Russian girl Anna who’s currently a resident of Boston. Unusual stuff. 




“Make Bradford British” – a very timely TV show on Channel 4 (not to be broadcast here anyway). Check the home page for the main idea of the project, and the Union Jack composed of characteristics of Britishness tweeted under the hashtag #MakesYouBritish (flag updates every 30 sec).


An interesting article on BBC News page from Mark Easton “Define Britishness? It’s like painting wind.”


“What does it mean to be British” podcast. More debates.


A whole lot of various activities on UK Culture for learners of English from LearnEnglish brought by British Council. The vitals of contemporary culture, audio&video embedded and ready for use, recommended for Intermediate level and higher. 


My blog posts with the precious comments coming first-hand – to be checked here for American (the initial idea) and here for British (the follower to cover for another unit, and the one which got me considering Scottish/Welsh/Irish as very separate -nesses indeed).



I hope this post can be helpful not only for me but for some of you as well! Would be grateful if you leave any other relevant links in the comments, I will update the post that instant!




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