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On today.

Hope this post, which is basically a recap of activities I did today during my two lessons at university and is totally aimed at myself, gets through and gets published on Posterous no matter what you all say. As I’m a believer.:)

So here’s what I can reflect upon as ‘a go’ today:

>>> it’s typical for students even of higher levels to keep describing things/events as either ‘beautiful’ or ‘very good’ or ‘nice’. We had our weekly series of 1-minute reports on the videos watched, and after that it was clear that our ‘beautifuls’ and ‘goods’ had to be given some company. Here’s what we brainstormed altogether (turns out everybody knows all the words already:)):

Nice/ fine/ super/ great/ awesome/ amazing/ marvellous/ wonderful/ fascinating/ gorgeous/ stunning/ exciting/ excellent/ cool/ brilliant/ perfect/ lovely/ fascinating/ fantastic

I think it’s a helpful list and devoting time to this is an investment to the future (hopefully). Besides, it’s easy to keep recycling this vocab from lesson to lesson.

<<< a typical dogme-style activity which I initially borrowed from Luke Meddings (he used this type in a lesson for the British Council as far as I remember, the recording is available online). I planned for us to speak about STRESS today, with a nice listening to do from Talk About podcast from British Council Learn English (no this is not a sponsored post!)) – which in the end we didn’t have time for anyway, like it often happens with me (time-management being my weakest point after teaching grammar I reckon..). 
So, first – my favorite mindmapping – brainstorming verbs to go with the word stress (beat/ cope with/ suffer/ reduce/ cause/ etc). Then orally a round of sentences to practice. Then post-its are given out for each to put down some ideas on: what/ doing what CAUSES them stress + what/ doing what helps them REDUCE/ BEAT/ COPE WITH this stress. I collected their responses and wrote down reasons for stress on board. Got an interesting list in the end!

– bad marks
– quizzes
– bad weather
– strange tasks (?!)
– stupid people – stupid questions
– homework which they forget to finish
– people not picking up the phone
– something they don’t understand
– not enough time for sleep

Quite a list, I thought! Naturally, it brought about a lot of discussion. They were asking each other questions, I shared my own views on this and found I am so easily stressed!))

On the whole, nice impressions from today’s classes.
Yet, to quote Limp Bizkit which I’m listening to now as a strange lullaby – ” the grass could be greener, and it’ll always be greener on the other side”. Which I now oddly apply and explain as “I can like my classes, but there could always have been given better ones instead”.

Happy, stress-free teaching to all!:)