12 from ’12. A variation.

I learnt about “12 from ’12” blog challenge the day Adam Simpson posted it in his blog. Since my blog actually started from a response to Adam’s “11 from ’11” I couldn’t really miss this one.

I don’t feel like promoting myself for several reasons, so I decided to do a variation of the challenge in such a way that I benefit from this writing and will be able to use it in the coming year. I am being selfish and practical here.=)

This post is a tribute to those blogs which I’ve either discovered this year or known about all the way from 2011 but never gave them the attention they deserve (for I still haven’t found the best way for myself to organize my blog reading).

So I’m planning to take these 12 blogs with me into 2013 (together with dozens of others I don’t mention here – and my own humble blog, probably, too))

The Other Things Matter by Kevin Stein (based in Japan)


The Daily Ptefldactyl by Laura Phelps (based in Georgia, the country)


Throwing Back Tokens by Josette LeBlanc (based in Korea)


ELT Rants, Reviews, and Reflections by Mike Griffin (based in Korea)


Teaching Journal by Rose Bard (based in Brazil)


Observing the Class by John Pfordresher (based in Korea)


Six Things by Lindsay Clandfield (based in Spain)


Ratna’s ELT Journey by Ratnavathy Ragunathan-Chandrasegaran aka Ratna =) (based in Korea)


Think! by James Taylor (based in Belgium, but moving soon to sunnier places..)


4C in ELT by Tyson Seburn (based in Canada)


ELT Traveller box by Valentina Morgana (based in Italy)


iTDi Blog and iTDi Reporter Blog (never too much of this good thing) (based…everywhere)


Checking my Reviews-to-Books-I-Read notebook I’ve noticed that I’ve read fewer fiction books this year than in any previous ones. I have shifted my focus a bit and have been reading a great deal of ELT-related literature and writing. I can’t really decide if it’s a good sign or if it’s for the worse, but I  enjoy what I’m reading and that’s all that matters. Thus, thank you, writers, bloggers, ELT authors.. journalists, too=)) I hope that one day (some day) there will be a healthy balance to what I read and write myself. #keepdreaming

My 2012 has been awesome, special, different and it has changed me in many ways. Whether you wish CHANGE or STABILITY for yourself in 2013 – may your dreams come true)

P.S. I am really worried about “13 from ’13” blog challenge…14 from ’14…etc


9 thoughts on “12 from ’12. A variation.

  1. annloseva says:

    @Ratna – thank you! I have a list of books I am planning to read and so I put the one you recommend in it too. Hope you have a magical year!)@Rose – well, it is not a surprise to me, I guess my choice of blogs is the choice of recent trends))) hugs! @Tyson – cheers, happy all year!@Adam – oh how I know the feeling, it got me mad many times. Sorry you had to go through this in this blog comment. I am learning to remember write a comment in notes or in a doc first and then copy it)I like 13 of 13, mostly as it is my favorite number)@Valentina – anticipating good reads on your blog!)

  2. Dear Ann
    You helped me discover quite a few useful and interesting blogs and I do recognise my own situation in “I still haven’t found the best way for myself to organize my blog reading”. There is so much around and on top of that we struggle finding the time for our own blogs.
    Keep up the good work!


    • annloseva says:

      Dear Bruno,

      You can’t imagine how important your comment is. It hasn’t been 24 hours since I moved my blog posts from the dying Posterous – and voila, I see your reply! I certainly regard it as a good sign for the long life of my WP blog version)
      Great that it’s been useful to you. As for reading blogs, at the moment I use an iPad app “Pocket” to save&view posts offline when in transport. Evernote, mailing links to my inbox, Chrome tabs (messy variant), sharing on FB – there isn’t any one and the only ultimate solution for me, not yet..still, I know I am missing lots.

      Thanks for your comment! See you around.

  3. […] this is almost over and for those who made it till the end there’s a prize. Last year I did resolve to read certain blogs – and without specifically remembering it I actually did just that (on almost, almost all of […]

  4. Josette says:

    Wow, I had no idea I was on this list. Thank you for reading and for making my blog part of your 2013 more than I truly knew!

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