Several Cool Things

…that happened to me today, on March 14th, and unexpectedly are coming out published  (re Mike Griffin’s challenge).

  • I woke up at 6 am second day in a row (a fantastic scenario this term for me) AND actually stayed very active all day. Fantastic, I tell you.
  • I started taking what I call my Spring Energy Pills (just vitamins) and instantly felt more energetic (the power of self-hypnosis!).
  • I enjoyed heavy spring snowfall.


  • After a month’s break I resumed classes with an elementary student I’m teaching. I was happy and surprised to find her very motivated and willing. We both had a lot of healthy early morning English class giggles. This time our dogme lesson ended up with me teaching her how to say “Our IT assistant is slow” and “You will have a hangover after a lot of alcohol”. Emergent language, couldn’t help it.
  • I tidied up this blog and finally announced my blogomove with a post. This one.
  • I was amazed with the unlikely efficiency of our post service. No sarcasm, they were good today!
  • I finished reading The War of the Worlds. It’s a gripping read, a lot of food for thought + it’s clear that I should use certain parts of the book with my Physics students. One of the striking ideas: people might easily start hunting for other people when in danger or extreme difficulty. People are animals, and this is a horrible fact to face for me.
  • I checked the programme for iSTEK 2013 conference and felt those goosebumps. Istanbul in April!
  • Watched and discussed a short film Inseparable (starring Benedict Cumberbatch, THE Holmes) with a teen student. It dawned on me that short films are a treat to me as a teacher, so I’m planning to compile a list of those suitable for lessons, already have several in mind. I learnt about Inseparable from one of my university students this Monday during our regular Monday Video Report session.
  • I answered 5 questions in CIA test (Certified Internal Auditor) correctly, at sight, together with the auditor I’m teaching. I’m clearly gifted =)
  • I downloaded WordPress app for iPhone, used the Reader to find Carol Goodey’s Cool Things post, which hyperlinked me to the original post by Mike. I read it (again) on the bus and kept grinning while scrolling down the post and comments to it. Kept on grinning till I got home, in a wonderful mood. I think I like my WP experience so far=)
  • I followed Carol’s idea to introduce the Cool Things challenge to students and posted a message in our study group in Vkontakte (Russian Facebook). No idea if they will respond or not, but I’m positive)photo

I so much enjoyed thinking/writing this! It was not the most productive of days but certainly a very pleasant one.

I have to admit, though, that this is probably the only time when I publish two posts on one day))  You can’t expect me to abuse this blog.

Enjoy your Fridays and weekends!

2 thoughts on “Several Cool Things

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