This new is the old forgotten. Hello, WP + the 4th reason for blogging.

It was March 13th (just a coincidence as always) when I finalized the process. Migration Posterous -> WordPress done, with the exception of guest comments to my posts. I hope I’ll manage to sort this out some day soon. In the meantime, I’m trying to make myself at home here, or rather back home as I created this blog almost two years ago in my first shaky attempts to join the blogosphere no matter what writing no idea what.

I’m genuinely sorry this migration had to happen because I think I was one of the most faithful Posterous users. I like things neat and simple and that’s exactly why Posterous appealed to me in the first place.

Now surely this new space will be just fine for me. After the challenging Blogathon experience (you can read my blogathon posts here though I’m planning to re-post some of my favourites) I have a new spark of enthusiasm for blogging. I never know how long the flame will keep burning but there are certain reasons I try to keep in mind. I gave the three of them for Ken Wilson’s “Six bloggers you should be reading” post. Yet there’s one I held back.

I’m a non-native teacher of English living and working in my native Moscow. If you ask a foreigner who’s been here you’ll be surprised to hear how alien to English our environment is. We might have succeeded a bit in making it look we’re European, but you’re likely to struggle here without an English-speaking guide. Why am I telling you this? Not to discourage from visiting, of course, but to explain that being a teacher of English here you’ve got to expose yourself to English all the time in as many ways as you can find. Well, if you wish to teach more than just words and lines on pages of course books. I’ve heard stories how Russian teachers visited English-speaking countries and realized what they had been teaching (having previously been taught the same) all those years was not the real language. They could not communicate!

I want to speak the real language. I want to keep learning it following its development. I want to teach the living, breathing and changing English that I’m learning. And for that I find blogging a very suitable solution, as a non-native teacher of English living and working in my native Moscow.

So, hello, WordPress, let’s blog on=)

P.S. Posterous projects other than my personal blog also had to be moved somewhere. Here’s where they moved:

#ELTworkplaces is hopefully going to go on on Tumblr here 

MSU and Grenoble students’ blog has been kindly transferred to WordPress by Elizabeth Anne

2 thoughts on “This new is the old forgotten. Hello, WP + the 4th reason for blogging.

  1. swisssirja says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! I could sign part of this post if needed 🙂 I’m a non-native speaker myself and for me, keeping my fingers on the pulse is an obvious choice (and desire, too!) It’s not for nothing I became an ENGLISH teacher. I love this language, I’m passionate about it. And I want to learn more and more and I want to offer my students not just mediocre something but a living, breathing, developing language. So yes, I took up blogging for several reasons. Practicing my English was one of them!

    Great to have you in the neighbourhood 😉


    • annloseva says:

      Consider it signed with your comment!) You know I dare say we’re doing our practice pretty well) I really wish more teachers started actually caring about their language level. It’s crystal clear it’s not possible to master it, ever, but how can we expect our student to work if we don’t keep improving ourselves?!
      Great to be here! =) Thanks for your comment!
      Snowy Moscow hugs (not cold))

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