Monthly Archives: May 2013

Through their eyes

Just the other day I found out I’m a hypocrite. Unconsciously, not intentionally hypocritical, but does that really change the point? You may say that I’m being too hard on myself as I usually happen to be, yet this is how I label myself after learning a certain fact. And yes, it is about teaching.

In my presentation “The 3 As of an Ace Lesson” one of the As stands for Attitude. I speak about genuine interest, I speak about respect, I speak about honesty. I speak about it because I believe all these are essential and should be coming naturally from a teacher and then they’ll be generously returned by learners. So I believe.

I also speak about how important it is to be an open and accessible teacher. I speak about it holding a firm belief that I display these qualities, because that’s how I see myself doing my job.

Then an inconvenient truth comes my way – some students feel shy to come up and ask me a question if they don’t understand a task. They see “I’m busy” and don’t want to disturb. BANG. Who is open now? Who is accessible? Who is encouraging? I go the reddest red and “ashamed” is my #wordoftheday.

Blogging, going to conferences, presenting, sharing ideas which you do believe work in realities of classrooms is all so very nice, comforting and self-fulfilling. Sounding successful. We are all great teachers, aren’t we?
At the end of the day what matters to me is what I end up looking/appearing in front of my students, rather than what I imagine myself to look/appear. “Through their eyes” as iSTEK suggested this year.

So… Do you care? Not say that you care, or blog that you care but act for your students so that they SEE that you care?
I was never aware that I seem like I don’t care.