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Too much of a good thing, teacher

This post was supposed to be giving you my WOW moments in professional development and teaching on the whole (inspired by Barbara Sakamoto, nudged further on by Mike Griffin), but it had to make way for the following revelation from today’s classes.

I might be a control freak teacher (pardon my language, I am combining words the way I like. I feel in full control). At least I seem to be showing symptoms.

(1) Read these quotes and discuss with a partner what the context might have been.

“We’ve all understood that you have a perfect sense of humour. But we won’t be able to write this quiz in 13 minutes.”

“Why have we just done this task? I guess you wanted to share with us something that had happened with you earlier today (misfortunes) and so you made us do this activity.”

(2) Answer the following questions:

– What did the students say? What did their words imply?
– Would you have an uneasy feeling after such conversations? How would you react?
– How does a teacher stop taking up the whole of the class’ attention/energy, etc?

It’s NOT about TTT. It’s about me being TOO much for the class.

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