Remembering JALT2013. Part 1, not too practical.

A week after the conference began I’m in a different place with a different view outside my window. It’s also a different me inside my room. She’s kinder but sadder than she used to be before she left for Japan. She’s more determined but oddly less happy in certain ways. She’s had the unique time that no other time can beat.

can’t repeat the past
but can try to catch the subsiding notes of excitement
capture the scenes and faces
shape thoughts and moments into broken sentences
and move on

And here’s a small part of what I’m taking with me

– I challenged myself a big deal and as a result proved I’m tougher than I’d imagined; comfort zone is elastic; you have no idea what you are really capable of;
– I learnt there are people who happen to be your kind of people and you don’t even need to take any time to realize that; it’s obvious, non-negotiable truth which you’ll know as soon as you get lucky to meet your own kind of people; it’s instant, deep and difficult to handle, so better step back and watch it happen;
– I saw selfless, helpful, grateful, sensitive people who fill the room with goodness so that even tough ones like me give in; made me become a little bit better myself, even if for a short while;
– I experienced insights; think, talk, write;
– I had a clear understanding of things; every minute spent in the workshop was a minute spent with awareness;
– I know how belonging feels and how much it means;
– I know now your way to live your life is not the only possible option and quite likely not the best one either; change is not just a word, it can actually happen; you make things happen, not the other way around;
– I didn’t judge, for a change, and it feels liberating;
– I know there’s bento with no rice.

I started with Jay Gatsby, I’d like to finish quoting somebody else:
“I didn’t like myself. Now I like myself a little bit.”
My point exactly.

See you in my next post, which I promise will be less bizarre, more relevant and interesting on the whole.

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24 thoughts on “Remembering JALT2013. Part 1, not too practical.

  1. Valentina Morgana says:

    Lovely post, Ann. Right when I was looking at my computer screen, preparing my presentation for TESOL Italy ( or supposed to), asking myself: “Have I dared too much? Should I leave my comfort zone?”…Well, I don’t know yet…but thanks for this.
    Looking forward to the next post

    • annloseva says:

      Thank you, Valentina! You know, you never know but some events can unexpectedly change lives. I had no idea.
      I wish you the best of experiences at TESOL Italy!! By the way, when and where is that?:)

  2. I really like your brand of “bizarre” – embrace it.

  3. You made me cry a little bit, in a good way of remembering special things. I love your idea of our comfort zone being elastic.Stretching is so much nicer an image than having to choose inside or outside. Glad to have shared the bento-with-no-rice with you — that was an eye-opener for me, too 🙂

    • annloseva says:

      I’ve cried plenty of times since I got on the plane and nobody of the people I know could see me. Having written this, reading your comments now, not giving up in my Idea – all of that makes me get into the next post-conference stage. Making things happen!
      Thank you Barb for every minute of your time, for all the help and support, for the bag and the battery))

  4. kevchanwow says:

    Thanks for this Anna. Like Barb, reading it led to some tears. I think something pretty spectacular happened last weekend. And I wish I had something better to say that words like, ‘spectacular.” But at least I have your post here, and it captures almost exactly how I feel.


    • annloseva says:

      I know this feeling about words being not enough to explain. This post itself is a lame attempt to put my feelings into writing. There’s a suitable poem by a Russian poet F. Tyutchev “Silentium!”. I have had it in my journal since I was 14) even then I had trouble expressing what I wanted to say.
      Thank you, Kevin. I am happy there’s Internet so I won’t lose what/who I’ve found.;)

  5. Josette says:

    Thank you for sharing this Anna. ❤ Everything you wrote really struck a cord for me., like I've been there before. You just put it into words so beautifully. Thank you.

    This is what really hit me: "I learnt there are people who happen to be your kind of people and you don’t even need to take any time to realize that; it’s obvious, non-negotiable truth which you’ll know as soon as you get lucky to meet your own kind of people; it’s instant, deep and difficult to handle, so better step back and watch it happen;"

    Yes. This. Life is pretty amazing.


    • annloseva says:

      Josette, life IS amazing, right! And I still haven’t met YOU. But I already know this very part will relate, for me.;)

      Big hugs!
      Fish still swimming 🙂

      • Josette says:

        It will indeed relate to us. 🙂 No doubt.

        Still swimming? Hmmm… hopefully they didn’t get stopped at customs. Maybe someone smelled something fishy. 😛

        Big hugs!

  6. Rose Bard says:

    It’s a perfect post! ♥ I’m really amazed at how much you can convey with few words. Short post with big stuff for us all. You in your way is so wonderful and it teaches me things too. We are always taking a bit from each other, evolving and that feels so good. Thanks for writing this post. ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Marco Brazil says:

    Wow. I love what I’ve just read. You Annloseva have the gift of words. Crystal clear with lots of emotions. Hugs.

  8. ninaseptina says:

    Dear Ann, I had admired you before going to JALT, and now I admire you even more..!! Reading this post is just exactly like I’m listening directly from you, love this post so much.. such a beautiful honesty of you, and it inspires me and resonates in me..makes me become a better person. ❤❤❤ hugs!

    • annloseva says:


      There’s nothing to compare to our late night room talks. And the only reason they were possible is you! So I totally feel the same way about you. Hope we can share a room some time again and continue our conversations))

      Thanks so much for the words and for being the Nina you are.
      Big big hugs!..

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