About Anna


I’m a teacher of English as a foreign language and I have been one for over 13 years now. I have a Specialist degree in TEFL from Moscow City Pedagogical University. I am currently employed as an English Lecturer at International School of Business in Ho Chi Minh City, where I moved in July 2019 after working in Japan for 4 years, my first home abroad in my quest to experience English language education around the world first-hand. I hope that one day I will do something of value for my profession, education in general, and society overall.

As for my teaching career…

  • I worked as a school teacher in Moscow for 2 years, working with both primary and secondary school students.
  • I worked for 5 years at Lomonosov Moscow State University teaching General English, ESP and EAP to undergraduate and post-graduate students of Physics. I created a website for English Language Department of Physics faculty, and helped to create materials and textbooks for internal use at the faculty.
  • I taught General and Business English courses to in-company and private adult students for more than 6 years.
  • I was an English teacher in a private international high school in Tokyo for a year, teaching conversational English, Extensive Reading, as well as two courses that I designed specifically for the students in this school – Social Media Safety course and Culture course.
  • For 3 years I taught English Discussion in a private university in central Tokyo, where I also got involved in teacher research, teacher development, and built a reflective practice community.

There are other ways I have pursued professional development:

  • I used to be an associate blogger for TeachingEnglish website (when I had more time on my hands…)
  • I’m very proud to be an iTDi Associate, a regular blogger for and the curator of the iTDi Blog, working with a wonderful team of educators from all over the globe. Be sure to click the link and explore the website of the International Teacher Development Institute and what it has to offer for you, which is a lot.
  • I regularly take part in ELT conferences both in Asia, presenting and doing workshops.
  • I’m a co-organizer and facilitator of the Reflective Practice Tokyo group and RP Global online community.
  • In 2017 and 2018 I helped to organize and hold an independent conference for English language teachers – excitELT in Tokyo, Japan.
  • In March 2018 with a group of volunteers from Teachers Helping Teachers (JALT SIG) I travelled to Can Tho and Hue in Vietnam to participate in seminars for Vietnamese English teachers.

Other projects that are fun and that I *used to* run:

#ELTworkplaces – a Tumblr blog where teachers from all corners of the world share pictures of their workplaces, reflect on what’s motivating them

#FlashmobELT – a Lino board with crowdsourced activities for use in the classroom, on-the-go. It’s a game with rules and rules are right there on the introduction sticky note.


                                                                                                  to be continued

You can also find me on Twitter – @AnnLoseva
on Facebook – Anna Loseva

6 thoughts on “About Anna

  1. Ken Samac says:

    It’s good to try new things Anna; good for the mind.

  2. annaloseva says:

    That’s where I 100% agree)

  3. hossam nasr says:

    very good job Anna

  4. Zhenya says:

    Hey Anna, thank you for the blog, and for the tweets; I just popped in to say hello and to join you as a ‘follower’!

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