The Vanity Page

This page will hopefully be timely updated with any interview material (audio, video, text) that I happen to have as I move on with my career. Enjoy.


Video and audio interviews

E-merging Forum 2 (2012): Interview with Loseva Anna: “iTDi: My Perfect PLN Shape”, in which I talk about how I shaped my personal learning network (PLN), which eventually boosted my confidence as a teacher and helped me set and achieve personal development goals.


E-merging Forum 3 (2013): Interview with Anna Loseva “Change your English classrooms with Vkontakte”, in which I share my experince using Vkontakte (the Russian equivalent of Facebook) as a teaching and learning tool.


KOTESOL 2014: iTDi Panel at #kotesol2014, in which Barbara Hoskins SakamotoJosette LeBlancMichael Griffin, and myself discuss the International Teacher Development Institute.


The TEFLology Podcast: Episode 28: Blogging and Being Connected, in which Michael Griffin and I discuss blogging, being connected, and our journeys as teachers.

The TEFLology Podcast: Episode 72: Richard Schmidt, Conferences, and PhDs, in which I am interviewed by Matt Turner on the topic of attending conferences in Southeast Asia, namely Thai TESOL and CamTESOL 2018.
ELT WTF (What Tim Feels about ELT) Podcast: On Reflective Practice and Conferencing, an interiew with Tim Hampson in which we talk about my experience running reflective practice group meetings and organizing an ELT conference.

Other interviews

The Guardian: Inspired by physics to push boundaries. “Bringing blogging and social media into class with Moscow university science students is expanding horizons.”

Larry Ferlazzo’s Blog: Hot Spot Interview — Report From Russia, in which I answer some questions in connection to the elections and protests in Russia in 2012.

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