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Yesterday my student Ms M in a task to use the vocabulary we had had the previous class asked me a question:

Have you ever competed with your colleagues?

I was taken aback and couldn’t answer straight away. Even if I officially haven’t, weren’t there times when this not very noble idea crossed my mind…?… Maybe not. I won’t admit it anyway.:)
And it brought me back to this draft of the post that has been waiting for its turn for long.

How often do we as teachers exploit competition in a classroom? I bet each of us has turned some activity into a ‘competitive’ one an n number of times. It’s supposed to be beneficial for learners, right?

Now what about competition and YOU? I mean, every one of us. Teachers, but humans..

For business, competitive spirit is definitely a must-have to be successful.
In life in general competition is an integral part of many opportunities that we brave up to take.

How does it show up in our profession? How should it? Or should it not..
If it exists in our context, is it friendly, or rather envious? What can teachers possibly have to compete for?

I just wondered..)